The Owner Builder Experience

The Dig

We started to dig the hole for the undergrade portion of the house in early May.
The excavator arrives
The hill before the digging starts
The digging in progress
The hole

A few rocks were removed during excavation
After the concrete was poured and the floor trusses were installed, the backfilling could start. The yellow is mineral wool drainboard that we are using as a combination of drainage and insulation (4"=R17.2)
After a few hours of work with an excavator, we can finally walk onto the second floor without ladders.
We also had a retaining wall created with the rocks uncovered during the excavation.
At the same time as the backfilling, we had the excavator dig a trench to the well (just over 500')
The plumber laid the pipe and wire for the pump
And refilled the trench all in a few hours.