The Owner Builder Experience


After all the exterior work was done, we started on the interior partition walls.
And the electrical panel,
and the electrical rough-in
After the electrical inspection, we could continue with the insulation and put in the second and third layers,
and then the vapor barrier. We then put the drywall on the ceiling of the second floor so we could blow in the insulation.
Around the same time, we had the woodstoves installed downstairs,
as well as the one upstairs. We now had heat, and just in time as the temperature had started to drop.
About a month later we had the radiant heating manifold installed
as well as the tankless water heater (the box on the right) and the manifolds for the hot and cold domestic water
We continued to drywall the exterior walls both upstairs
and downstairs.
At this point we installed the stairs
and the stair railing, as well as finished the downstairs bathroom so that we could get our occupancy permit.
We also had a shower stall installed.
We then picked the coldest day of the winter (-23C) to move in. We then took it easy for a few weeks to recover.