The Owner Builder Experience


The concrete work was one of the things that I contracted out to a subcontractor. Mostly because I didn't have access to the forms, and you need a crew to pour concrete, as it has a tendancy to harden quicker than you want.
The footings were framed up in mid May

and poured about a week later. Part of the delay was due to weather. We have had one of the wetest springs and summers on record. Fourtunately, our property is sandy till, and so drains quite well.

The footings for the front frost wall.
After another week of wet weather, the forms were put in place

and poured a few days later. We had to get the cement pumped, as the lay of the land didn't allow the cement trucks to access parts of the foundation.
A few days after the cement was poured, the forms came off.
One of the features of the house that has caused some delays is the cold celler, as the walls could only be poured up to the bottom of the cold cellar ceiling. Without the ceiling, we could not pour the short wall on top of it to finish the lower level walls, and so could not put up the trusses for the second level until it was finished.
Due to a number of reasons, including a very busy concrete contractor and the weather, it took until the first of July before we could pour the ceiling to the cold cellar. In the end I had to do the form work and rebar myself to expidite the pour.
Due to the clearances required for the door to the cold cellar, I also had to create a bulkhead for the door, which I ended up forming and pouring myself
In the end it was July 8th before we could proceed with the framing of the second floor
The next step was to level the gravel, lay the insulation (3") and put in the pipes for the radiant heating.
The concrete contractors then poured the floor overtop of the radiant heating pipes
Resulting in a finished floor. We may eventually put down some kind of flooring, but we will just have the concrete for now.