The Owner Builder Experience


After moving in the first room to get finished was the bathroom. We started by creating the partitions needed
Then drywall and painting
all the fixtures
the counter for the sink
and the shower.
The master bedroom was commendeered as the workshop while we were doing all the finish work, as it was the only room big enough to allow us to cut a sheet of plywood, and had a door to keep down the dust
While the bedroom was in use as a workshop, we put the bed in the future library
The next big project was the kitchen cupboards, which were entirely built on site. We started with a base made of 2x4s screwed to the floor
and then proceeded to make the boxes out of 3/4" paint grade plywood.
We then added the support for the counter tops.
Before we put the finished countertops in, we had the taping done on the ceiling. This is one of the jobs I contracted out, as 1) I didn't have the time since I was working at an outside job by this point and 2)I hate taping ceilings and 3) I knew I couldn't do as good a job as I wanted on the butt seams.
After the ceilings were done, I proceeded to make the boxes for the drawers in the kitchen and installed them.
After the boxes were finished, I made the doors and drawer fronts from maple and plywood. The finshed kitchen counters are made of cherry flooring and coated with 6 coats of Varathane.
The kitchen was designed with short section of countertop that was about 6 inches lower than normal to create a bake center. This counter is the correct height to comfortably kneed dough, and has a granite countertop to keep the surface cool.
Since we were taking our time doing the finishing, we had time to figure out how we wanted things done and had time to find interesing lighting for the library,
guest bedroom
and stairwell.
After all the drywall was in and painted
we then moved on to building the window seats
installing the pine plank floor,
and installing the trim. The window jambs were made from plywood, cut to fit and the casing was made from 1x4 pine and then painted.
The door jambs were also made from plywood.
and the doors were installed. We were going to make the doors, but decided to buy premade doors when we found them at a local lumberyard for less than the materials to make them.
One of the final jobs was the installation of the flooring
We chose a plank vinyl flooring. I wasn't crazy about using vinyl as I had avoided using it in the house up to this point, but we had to make a compromise in order to get the look we wanted and still not have something that would insulate the infloor heating.
The final job was to finish off the library.
At this point we could sit back and enjoy, at least until we start work on the landscaping.
Kitchen and Dining
By the stairwell
Master Bedroom
Sitting area upstairs
Sitting area upstairs
Guest Bedroom
Upstairs Bathroom
The cat thinks it's ok too.